KASPARS PUTNIŅŠ has been conducting the Latvian Radio Choir since 1992. In 1994, he initiated the project of Latvian Radio Chamber Singers – an ensemble of soloists, the members of Latvian Radio Choir. As a guest conductor, he regularly appears with leading European choirs such as the BBC Singers, RIAS Chamber Choir, the Berlin Radio Choir, the North German Radio Choir, the Netherlands Chamber Choir, Collegium Vocale Gent, the Flemish Radio Choir and others. Since the season of 2014 /2015 he is Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir.

Kaspars Putniņš is interested in the widest repertoire of choral music – from the polyphonic Renaissance music to Romantic opuses, but promotion of newly written modern compositions has always been his priority. They are always a challenge for performers and tend to lead the singers to still uncharted territories of vocal technique.

Kaspars Putniņš has worked with many composers from the Baltic States and beyond. A number of original compositions have been encouraged by him – this is a chance to go on researching the scope of musical language and expression. The projects initiated by Putniņš have involved frequent and fruitful collaboration with the artists representing drama and visual arts as well.

Kaspars Putniņš has been awarded the Order of the Three Stars (2011) for his outstanding contribution to the Latvian choral culture and promotion of it on a global scale. He is also a recipient of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers Award (2000) and the Latvian Great Music Award 2010 and 2016.