Upcoming concerts
Thursday, 19 April
Cēsis Concert Hall
Saturday, 21 April 18:00
The Embassy of Latgale GORS
Wednesday, 25 April
Liepāja, concert hall "Great Amber"
Thursday, 26 April
Jelgavas kultūras nams

Participants: Latvian Radio Choir, soloists

Musical director and conductor: Sigvards Kļava

Exhibition authors: Guna Kalnača, Jānis Mitrēvics, "Dd studio"

The cradle of the Latvian national culture and symbols. The birthplace of the national flag and national anthem, the source of enlightenment with the first Latvian schools and the beginnings of the Song Festival – Vidzeme, where Latvian national pride and patriotism arose. Teachers, poets, writers, composers, artists found inspiration, lived and returned here, to the romantic ideal, to the dream Latvia, to the place where learned and free people became aware and moulded their identity. Mythical signs and ancient symbols wake us up, speak to us through the written and unwritten, drives us to take, to retrieve, to be born and reborn, to ascend the mountain, to follow the endless road forward – to the dream.

Guna Kalnača, exhibiton author

Celebration of Latvia's Centenary