In the framework of the Riga City Festival, concerts of the series “The Ring of Latvia” - a project of Latvia’s Centenary - will be performed once again.

The project is a realisation of conductor Sigvards Kļava’s idea of four conceptually different rings that emphasise and portray the unique characteristics, the richness and the energy of each of the four regions of Latvia, as seen by their local inhabitants.

All performances will take place at the Dailes Theatre.

  • On 12 June, “The Ring of Vidzeme” (“Vidzemes gredzens”), a musical exhibition "The Mountain Will Arise" (“Kalns uz augšu ies”).
  • On 14 June, “The Ring of Zemgale” (“Zemgales gredzens”), a cinematic concert “In the Tides of History” ("Vēstures palos") which has been awarded the Great Music Award 2018 in the category “Production of the year”.
  • On 18 June, “The Ring of Kurzeme” (“Kurzemes gredzens”) - a gala concert "Blow Ye Winds" ("Pūt, vējiņi").
  • On 21 June, “The Ring of Latgale” (“Latgales gredzens”), a concert show "Sounds And Scriptures" ("Rakstiem un skaņai").


The ring of Latvia
The ring of Latvia