The  concert will take place on February 1 at Riga, St.John’s Church at 19.00

When your soul was born, it was like a serene ocean that still had to encounter its eternal life – these are some of the keywords that the conductor Kaspars Putniņš and the Latvian Radio choir will decipher in the new programme of the Sacred Chants cycle - PRAYERS OF ST. THERESA OF AVILA
A prayer to the Higher Power said in a serene silence and deep trust – such is the concert programme that references the servitude of renaissance mystics… Their attention is directed to 16th century Spain and the greats of the Avila region – the composer and priest Tomás Luis de Victoria and two wordsmiths and founders of the Carmelite order – the singer of godly love St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila – the Spanish mystic, Carmelite order reformist and a teacher of Catholic and Christian meditation.
Their contemplations and works keep their relevance through the centuries, they are still touching and comforting, and inspirational… The programme showcases this with the deeply meditative Mass for the Dead or Missa pro defunctis, written by the most celebrated Spanish composer of his time Victoria, being played back to back with recent compositions. The young Latvian talent Matīss Čudars has dressed the heavenly rhymes of St. Teresa in a mantle of music, and the Ukrainian-born composer currently living in Estonia Galina Gigoryeva references in her work The Dark Night of the Soul the writings of St. John of the Cross on the journey of the Soul to God. The texts of this Spanish mystic are also the base for Jonathan Harvey’s transcendental sequence Sobre un éxtasis de alta contemplación that is yet another proof that the music of this outstanding British composer is full of light and beauty, and can address themes of the eternal and the otherworldly with ease.