While some like to feel the sun in our local rehearsaling place in Riga close to river Daugava, we have a preference to taste other culture acoustics and gastronomy.

For a quarter-century the artistic director of Latvian Radio Choir is conductor Sigvards Kļava – he is the driving force who has brought the choir to the heights of professionalism, and under his leadership the choir has become one of the few collectives that has a say over the future development of the choir music genre in the world. Awaiting Latvia's centenary, Sigvards Kļava has dreamed up a monumental project: “Latvian Crown” will consist of four different concert series tuning in to the heritage and characteristics of each region of Latvia, involving the local residents and traditions.

Latvian Radio Choir, folk musicians from Latgale and priests have come together in this concert show created by conductor Sigvards Kļava, director Inese Mičule and video artist Katrīna Neiburga. In the close-up – the local people, their values and the God Almighty. Sounds and images that testify of Latgalian resilience, from which the locals have drawn their strength in the past and continue to do so in the present.


On March 14, in the Spīķeri Concert Hall the monumental Latvia's Centenary project “Latvian Crown” was launched. The project consists of four grand concert shows that will take place across Latvia's four cultural regions. The audience was treated to an exceptional performance participating Latgalian musicians and priests and Latvian Radio Choir – the rehearsal of the concert show “Sounds And Scriptures” representing the Crown of Latgale.

This evening at the Daile Theatre, we have entrusted this award to our project manager Klavs Balamovskis, as we are currently in the Netherlands preparing for a nine-concert tour.