The Latvian Radio Choir is marvellous throughout. I can’t imagine this music better sung. All admirers of Arvo Pärt’s choral music are advised to invest in this disc without delay.

"The Latvian Radio Choir under their director, Sigvards Klava is absolutely first class, bringing performance of tremendous beauty, accuracy and understanding. The recording made in St. John’s Church (Sv. Jāņa baznīca), Riga, Latvia, is superb. There are informative booklet notes together with full texts and English translations. Choir under their director, Sigvards Kļava bring performances of works by Arvo Pärt of tremendous beauty, accuracy and understanding on a new release from Ondine. (..)"

“The performance is superb. Among a trio of fine soloists Ieva Parša is outstanding and the choir and orchestra are magnificent. The Latvian Radio Choir is a professional body and, my goodness, it shows. Sigvards Kļava and the Ondine engineers deserve our admiration and our thanks for presenting this music with such clarity (..)”

Today FInnish record label Ondine realise new Latvian Radio choir CD. This is the ninth album recorded by this company.

Hotel Pro Forma and Latvian Radio Choir reunite to create a new visual music performance. NEOARCTIC is an evocative, poetic, and alarming music performance on the Anthropocene – a new geologic epoch, defined by unprecedented human disturbance of the planets ecosystems. Humans have come to be a ‘force of nature’, causing rapid, often unintended changes to the Earth we inhabit.