Latvijas Radio koris conducted by SIGVARDS KĻAVA
Across the Baltic Sea, straight to the soul
Saturday 14 May 2016 (21u00)
Saint Rumbold's Cathedral, Mechelen, Belgium

Arvo Pärt - Solfeggio
Martins Viļums - Le temps scintille
Arvo Pärt - Virgencita
Valentyn Silvestrov - Dyptich
Erik Ešenvalds - A Drop in the Ocean
Pēteris Vasks - Our Mother’s Names
Valentin Silvestrov - Quiet Night
Arvo Pärt - Da Pacem Domine

The Latvian Radio Choir is without a doubt one of that country’s finest musical ambassadors. Established in Riga 75 years ago, its impressive ambition to execute both old and brand new repertoires and the constant exceptional performances of its singers has turned it into an international eminence of the stage. This concert programme, too, o$ers a double perspective. The Latvian composers
Ešenvalds, Vasks and Vi'ums are accompanied by world star Arvo Pärt, and highly personal meditations
— such as his Solfeggio — are performed right next to the superhuman, post-apocalyptic creations of Ukrainian Valentin Silvestrov. Detachment and introspection, a scrub for the senses and an ointment for the soul. This music is a wellness session you will feel is long overdue.


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