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  • 28. september, 2022, 19:00


Jānis Strazdiņš, bass

Dārta Paldiņa, soprano

Gundega Krūmiņa, alto

Rihards Plešanovs, piano

Andis Klučnieks, flute

Mārcis Lipskis, contrabass

Latvian Radio Choir

Conductor Sigvards Kļava

Producer Roberts Rubīns

“In my opinion, the song is the most complete form of music. Music is created for singing.” The outstanding melodic Imants Kalniņš once said.

Many of his pieces have become vivid symbols of his time. They are called revolutionaries, have acquired cult status, become folklore over time, and still continue to inspire and address people directly today.
In 2021, celebrating the composer's 80th birthday, the Latvian Radio Choir, led by Sigvards Kļava, prepared a special agenda with songs by Imants Kalniņš, which were inspired by the poetry of Jānis Poruks, Ojārs Vācietis, Māris Čaklais, Imants Ziedonis, and Broņislavs Martuževa. The verses of these poets in various stages of Kalniņš's work have served as an artistic impulse and resonate with so many of us.
The pursuit of beauty, love, rebellion, philosophical vertical, and poetic longings connect the world of poetry with the spirit of Kalniņš. Along with the songs, we will hear recordings of Imants Kalniņš himself, talking about poetry and poets.

Music by Imants Kalniņš.